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Las Vegas Marijuana Laws Are Strictly Enforced

There is a growing trend around the country to legalize marijuana use for either recreational purposes, medicinal uses or both. It is quite possible that Nevada will follow suit in the coming years and decriminalize marijuana possession, at least for small quantities for an individual’s personal use.

That day is still sometime in the future, if it comes at all. For the time being, Las Vegas marijuana laws are still strictly enforced. As such, visitors to our city and local residents could face fines, jail time or both as a result of a conviction on marijuana charges. This makes it especially important to have an experienced attorney represent you in court. The lawyers at Guymon & Hendron PLLC have a history of standing up for their clients’ rights when they are facing drug charges.

Make Sure You Have Strong Representation

While simple possession charges are one thing, allegations involving production or distribution of marijuana are another. Penalties increase for larger amounts of marijuana, and being convicted of maintaining a grow house can lead to serious consequences. Aside from time behind bars, drug convictions can impact your eligibility for federal student loans, limit your employment opportunities and otherwise negatively impact your life and your family’s life for years into the future.

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