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Among Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys, it is hard to match Gary Guymon. The founding partner of Gary L Guymon PC has built his career in criminal law by working on thousands of cases over the last several years. Gary thrives on trial. They have represented countless clients in Nevada courtrooms over the years, including many high profile cases — some of which were featured on “America’s Most Wanted.” They are passionate about being the voice of those who are wrongly accused, and they fight hard for their clients’ rights throughout the legal process. Our attorneys met each other while working with the late Rex Bell, a legendary figure in the Las Vegas legal community and the longtime Clark County district attorney. After several years of working in the district attorney’s office, in the public defender’s office, and in private practice at various points in their careers, they joined forces to form one of the premier criminal defense law firms in Nevada. The relationships they have built with the judges, attorneys, and courthouse personnel in Las Vegas often prove invaluable to the people they defend.

The attorneys at Gary L Guymon PC are committed to applying their legal skills, knowledge, and passion for the law to their clients’ cases.

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