The age of consent laws can be difficult to understand without proper guidance. The age of consent in Nevada is sixteen years old. This can be confusing because, although sixteen, the person is still not considered an adult.

Las Vegas Sex Offender Attornies

Sexual acts in Las Vegas are made illegal if they are damaging to the victims, public morality or the standards of decency found by the public. This definition can seem murky to those who are not in the legal profession. This is one of the reasons hiring a sex offender attorney is essential.

The age of consent in Nevada is just one consideration. Unwanted sexual behavior as well as those who are under the legal age of consent can be unlawful. There are a variety of reasons why a person may not be able to consent including:

  • age
  • intoxication
  • physical or mental disability

The Age Of Consent In Nevada

The age of consent in Nevada is sixteen. This means that anyone below the age of sixteen cannot legally give consent. Even if the minor is enthusiastic and willing. This also holds true for those with minimal age differences. A minor under the age of sixteen is legally not able to consent to having sex with someone who is eighteen. Regardless of how many years apart the age gap falls under, this is a serious offense for those who are found guilty of having sex with someone when the age of consent in Nevada is sixteen.

To better understand the exact details of a case, an attorney can help. Criminal charges can vary. If you have been charged with sexual conduct with a minor, serious consequences can occur. Jail time and a lifetime on the sex offender registry are just some of the possibilities that one can face.

Working with Las Vegas Sex Offender Attornies

When faced with sex offender charges, handling a case in a thorough and strategic manner is crucial. Emotions can run high during criminal charges and a trained legal professional can help strategize in a calm and methodical practice. For assistance in responding to accusations, an attorney who is trained and has experience is always a better bet.

Even if a minor has lied about his or her age, the person charged can still be held accountable. If you have been charged with a sexual offense crime in Nevada, hiring an experienced professional is highly recommended. Contact our office online or by calling 702-758-5858 today.