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Casino marker attorney Las VegasNot Paying Back Your Casino Marker Is A Serious Offense

People flock to Las Vegas for many reasons, but the most prominent one remains casino gambling. Nevada casinos are known around the world for their glitz and glamour. Of course, the casino’s goal is to make money from its patrons. To that end, the house might extend a line of credit, known as a Casino marker, to someone. This is essentially a loan — one that must be repaid regardless of a gambler’s success at the gaming tables.

Failing to repay a Casino marker can get you into legal trouble. The lawyers at Gary L Guymon PC​ defend people on this type of financial charge, as well as associated charges of passing bad checks and intent to defraud a casino by not repaying a Casino marker.

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Las Vegas casinos have advanced video surveillance systems and staffs of experienced security officers — often former law enforcement officers. This makes it likely that any suspicion of casino fraud will be pursued and referred to police. Casino scams and gaming fraud are rarely successful, in part because casinos have seemingly unlimited financial means to pursue cases of perceived wrongdoing.

That makes having an attorney with extensive litigation experience and an aggressive outlook extremely important. Gary Guymon is not intimidated by the cases that they handle, including ones involving casinos in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

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