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It goes without saying that domestic assault charges are extremely serious. People may not realize this, however, until they are involved in a domestic violence case themselves. Aside from the criminal penalties that someone might face, restraining orders involving family members can make everyday life considerably more complicated.

Allegations of spousal abuse can quickly snowball. That’s why it’s crucial to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney quickly — one who has the litigation experience necessary to defend you against charges that can be a threat not just to your freedom but your reputation. In Nevada, that means working with the lawyers from Gary L Guymon PC​. We are experienced domestic violence defense attorneys in Las Vegas.

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Gary Guymon has worked on literally thousands of criminal defense cases in his career in private practice, as a public defender, and as a prosecutor. He is familiar with how cases like this tend to proceed and they know how to offer an effective defense against domestic assault charges.

For many people, an allegation of domestic assault is an isolated incident — one sometimes brought on by a problem with alcohol or drugs. Our lawyers might argue for treatment instead of penalties for someone who is accused of domestic violence where substance abuse issues have clearly played a part.

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