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Depending on the crime you have been charged with, you may find yourself under federal jurisdiction rather than that of Nevada. Various circumstances could lead your case to be handled by federal prosecutors rather than state ones.

At our Las Vegas criminal defense law firm, Gary L Guymon PC, our lawyers can provide you with aggressive, effective criminal defense representation regardless of if your case proceeds through the federal court system or the state system.

Why Would My Case End Up In Federal Court?

While some cases tend to end up in state court, others are classified as federal crimes. It is not uncommon for cases such as these to end up in federal court:

  • Bank robbery
  • White collar crimes, such as money laundering, fraud or identity theft
  • Gun crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Racketeering

Federal authorities might also handle a case if more than one state is involved. For example, if a person is allegedly kidnapped in one state and then brought to another state, that could lead to federal charges in the case.

Federal sentences also differ from those at the state level in that there is no federal parole as there is in the Nevada state system. This could result in more time spent behind bars upon a conviction.

Regardless of how your case might be prosecuted, Gary L Guymon PC can assist you. Contact our Las Vegas office by calling 702-758-5858. You may also contact us through our online contact form.

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