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Petty Larceny Criminal Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas


Are You Facing Shoplifting Charges In Las Vegas?

In Nevada, you might be charged with petty larceny charges if you are suspected of stealing or taking the property of a relatively low value. Even if the items in question are not very expensive, and even though petty larceny is a misdemeanor, having this kind of conviction on your record can have ongoing consequences.

The criminal defense lawyers at Guymon & Hendron have represented many people over the years in cases involving petty theft. They understand that receiving a criminal charge is a traumatic event, even over an issue such as shoplifting. Our attorneys will stand by you from start to finish throughout your case, keeping you updated and in the loop during the process.

Your Case Could Have Wide-Reaching Effects

Petty larceny and theft charges frequently involve shoplifting charges. In Nevada, items worth less than $650 fall into this category. Although this is not an exorbitant sum, because of the nature of a theft conviction, you could have difficulty overcoming having petty larceny on your record when it comes to keeping or getting a job — particularly one where finances are involved.

If you are charged with taking more than $650, you might be charged with grand theft larceny instead. This runs the risk of more severe punishments should you be convicted.

You need to act as soon as possible if you are facing charges. Contact the attorneys at our Las Vegas firm today for assistance. You can reach us by filling out our online contact form or calling our office at 702-758-5858.

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