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Las Vegas residents who find themselves facing charges involving sex offenses need to make sure that they hit the ground running with their defense. That means working with experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorneys who have a proven record of success. There are few Nevada firms that can match the intensity of Guymon & Hendron.

Gary Guymon and Lance J. Hendron, the lawyers at our firm, are experienced courtroom attorneys who won’t back down from a fight. That includes taking up cases some other firms might be reluctant to handle. Because of their extensive background as prosecutors, Mr. Guymon and Mr. Hendron are well-equipped to take on any case in court, no matter how serious.

Our Attorneys Will Stand By You

Sex offense charges can reflect a wide range of felony counts, such as:

Aside from dealing with the threat of incarceration as a result of a conviction, being found guilty of a sex crime may require you to register with the state of Nevada as a sex offender upon your release. Your presence on this list could make it difficult to find a place to live, dissuade potential employers from hiring you, and follow you around for years.

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