Can You Get a Felony Expunged?

Have you been arrested or convicted and want to get a felony expunged to move on and improve your life? Under Nevada law, you can’t get a felony expunged — but you can get it sealed. Expunging and sealing work in much the same way. In Nevada, most criminal records can be sealed once the legal waiting period has been met and the process takes just a few months.

Expunging vs Sealing a Criminal Record

Nevada only offers criminal record sealing, not expungements. When a criminal record is sealed, it becomes invisible and will not appear on background checks. Once your record is sealed, you can lawfully say that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime, even when you are under oath. Sealed records can only be viewed in a few limited circumstances. For example, if you were convicted, a criminal defendant or prosecutor may apply to reopen your criminal record to find information about other people involved in the offense.

How Can You Get a Felony Expunged or Sealed in Las Vegas?

The process to get a felony expunged or sealed is fairly straightforward as long as you meet the requirements. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you determine if you are eligible and complete the process.

If you were acquitted, your case was dismissed, or your conviction was set aside, you can petition to have the record sealed at any time. If you were convicted, you must determine the category of the conviction and the required waiting period. Some crimes cannot be sealed including felony DUI convictions, certain crimes against children, and sex crimes.

If you were convicted of the following felonies, you can petition to have your criminal record sealed after the minimum waiting period is up.

  • Category E felonies: 2 years
  • Category B, C, and D felonies: 5-7 years
  • Category A felonies, burglary, or administering a controlled substance in the commission of a violent crime: 10 years

Once the waiting period is up, you can petition the court to seal your record. Because sealing your criminal record can be a complicated process that takes months, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the process and ensure your petition is done correctly. You can contact our office online or by calling 702-758-5858 to schedule a free initial consultation to review your case. We look forward to assisting you in getting your criminal record sealed.