Why Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas Before Charges Are Filed?

If you find yourself being accused of a criminal act, you need to hire one of our lawyers in Las Vegas before the charges are filed. It is important to take accusations seriously because a pre-filing investigation may be ongoing. This is when the police are researching the case and looking for more evidence against you.

Options For Handling Your Criminal Case:

  • Represent yourself
  • A public defender is given to you (if you qualify)
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney

As soon as you suspect you might get charged with a crime, contact our lawyers in Las Vegas as soon as possible for the following reasons.

1. Attorneys May Change Prosecutor’s Direction

Before the police have finished their investigation, the prosecutor may choose to file serious charges based on their early findings. If you choose not to hire criminal lawyers in Las Vegas, the prosecutor may choose to aggressively file charges against you without a lawyer on your side monitoring their actions.

2. Attorneys Can Speak To Law Enforcement On Your Behalf

Before charges are filed against you, law enforcement may try to speak with you about the case. They might try to coerce a confession from you or get information that they can use against you. Because anything you say can be used against you in your case, it’s important to allow lawyers in Las Vegas to speak to the police for you.

3. Attorneys Can Monitor Your Case For Changes

The pre-filing investigation can take weeks, months or years before the prosecution can file charges against you. While waiting, your attorney will keep you updated on any changes in your case so you can formulate your next move.

4. Attorneys Can Guide You

Once accused of a crime, our lawyers in Las Vegas will be able to explain what that means and how it can affect your life. You will also be able to get any questions you have about the case answered quickly and accurately.

5. Get A Strong Defense Built

Experienced attorneys can review your case to help you build a strong defense against your charges. Through the lawyer’s investigation, we may be able to find evidence that can be reduced or dismissed.

If you or someone you care about find themselves facing criminal charges, it is important to speak with criminal lawyers in Las Vegas as soon as you can. Here at Guymon & Hendron, we have years of experience handling criminal cases and will fight your case for the best outcome possible.