Many Domestic Violence cases have occurred in our community. It seems strange, but people still hurt other people, especially when there is a lot of life struggles going on. Sometimes the stress involved in life encourages conflict with family members. Domestic Violence incidents should be reported to the authorities right away.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence comes in various forms. It can include assault and battery, spouse abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, child neglect, etc. It includes any violent interactions between family members. Domestic violence does not necessarily include the use of a weapon such as a gun or a knife. It does not even need to cause physical injury. Domestic violence can result due to an offensive contact such as allegations of grabbing a shoulder or an arm. In addition, an offensive contact takes place where the accused may not even physically touch the other individual, such as an allegation of spitting that comes into contact with another person. Your family may have been affected by bad behavior on your part or on the part of one of your family members. If you are being affected by Violence in your family, then our Las Vegas criminal attorneys want to help you. We are dedicated to resolving your case successfully.

How We Resolve Your Case
We do several things for your Domestic Violence case. We treat you as a valuable individual whose human rights should be protected. We never share your information unless ordered by the judge. Your confidentiality is our highest priority. What we require from you is simple trust and honesty. We like to see our clients happy. One way to ensure that you stay happy during the whole process of being charged for a domestic violence crime is getting the facts straight. When you come into our office or make that phone call, our professional attorneys handle your case by asking questions. Do not be intimidated by our questions. They are used to help you get the best outcome from the court.

Contact Us Soon
Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys are ready to help you handle the charges you are facing. If you are the person who has been charged with abuse, our office will provide an honest and compassionate approach to representation from our team. Contact us online or call us today at 702-758-5858. We look forward to hearing from you.