Drug Charges Lawyer

Drug charges in Las Vegas are very serious. Drugs are destroying our community and judges in Clark County aren’t lenient on anyone who is charged with a drug crime. If you are charged with a drug crime, you need the best drug charges lawyers on the case to salvage your good name. Drug crimes in Las Vegas Nevada range from simple possession, misdemeanor charges to serious felony charges such as drug trafficking. It’s true that a misdemeanor crime is less serious than a felony but a conviction of either crime could jeopardize your good name and life in a multitude of ways. Jail or prison time, probation, fines, house arrest, and community classes are only the start of the potential consequences of a drug crime conviction in Las Vegas NV.

Drug Charges Lawyer in Nevada

The law practice of Guymon & Hendron brings value to your drug charge case. They provide the best defense and aren’t afraid to go against prosecutors and judges to defend their clients. In fact, Gary Guymon has more ‘not guilty’ verdicts than any of the other drug charges lawyers in the area. Aggressive defense strategies ensure that your voice is heard when it’s your day in court. Why face the consequences of a drug charge when our team of legal experts is around to minimize the risks? Our attorney makes a difference in the outcome of your case.

What Our Practice Can do for Your Case

Our law firm works to get your drug charges dismissed if possible. We examine every piece of evidence to create a winning defense in your matter. When a dismissal isn’t possible, our team strives to reduce the charges and ensure that our client faces less punishment in the event of a conviction. We understand how drug charges turn lives upside down and strive to prevent that occurrence.

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