DUI defense lawyers give individuals charged with a DUI a voice when they appear in court. Without a lawyer, a DUI conviction is likely. The conviction, for a first-time offense, may land you in jail for up to six months, while subsequent convictions include mandatory jail time of one-year, with as long as six years in prison possible. If a person is injured or killed during a DUI-related accident, the penalties are even harsher. With a Las Vegas attorney by your side, you’ll get a proper defense in court and a reduced risk of conviction.

Consequences of a DUI Conviction

On top of the potential jail time, a DUI conviction includes many other potential penalties. This includes fines, installation of an interlock device on your vehicle, mandatory alcohol, and drug program completion, and a tarnished name. Your criminal background information is public record accessible by anyone with an interest. A DUI conviction may bar you from jobs, housing, and other important things in life that you most want. A DUI conviction is usually charged as a misdemeanor, bt may be charged as a felony depending on the circumstances of the matter. Each conviction worsens, causing more strain on your life. DUI convictions cannot be erased once they’re on your record.

Lawyers Who Understand

DUI defense lawyers understand the laws surrounding the crime of driving under the influence. They’re comfortable inside of a courtroom and know how to plan a winning defense for your specific case. Las Vegas DUI lawyers understand that your life is at risk of being turned upside down. They fight to ensure that a mistake or misunderstanding doesn’t cause this life-altering experience. If you want to stay out of hot water after being arrested for DUI, you need our great defense lawyers on your side.

Guyman & Hendron Law Practice: DUI Defense Lawyers

Call Guymon & Hendron if you seek a Las Vegas NV defense attorney who takes care of his clients. Our DUI defense lawyers are ready to fight for your needs! We have profiles of our lawyers on our website for your convenience. With years of Nevada legal expertise under our belts and a desire to help our clients, you can trust our lawyer when you need the best Nevada DUI defense in your case.