How An Embezzlement Defense Attorney Can Help

Embezzlement, which is defined legally as a type of fraud involving a betrayal of financial trust, is one crime prosecutors take seriously and aggressively pursue harsh sentences for those charged with the crime. Even if a person has no prior criminal record, they can find themselves paying restitution, facing stiff fines, and receiving prison sentences. Because of these harsh consequences, it is vital they hire an experienced embezzlement defense attorney from Guymon & Hendron.

Examples of Embezzlement

Since these cases are complex, it takes a knowledgeable embezzlement defense attorney from Guymon & Hendron to develop a strategy that will be in the best interest of the accused. While many people assume these crimes involve millions of dollars stolen from corporations, they can also include such examples as:
  • Bank tellers stealing money
  • Treasurers of non-profit organizations using funds for personal use
  • Accountants stealing money from clients
No matter the type of situation, we at Guymon & Hendron can use our skills and abilities to assist our clients in getting a favorable resolution to their case.

How We Can Help in your embezzlement defense

Once we are hired as the embezzlement defense attorney for our client, we can help in various ways. Some of the most common ways we assist clients are:
  • Negotiating with company or organization for out-of-court solutions (restitution)
  • Looking for flaws in the prosecution’s case
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to reach plea agreements for clients
While no specific results can be guaranteed by a reputable attorney during negotiations, we at Guymon & Hendron will fight hard to make sure our client’s rights are upheld from start to finish.

Free Embezzlement Case Consultations

Rather than be forced to spend the rest of your life paying for a lapse in judgment, let us at Guymon & Hendron help you obtain a fair and reasonable resolution to your legal dilemma. You can schedule a free initial consultation with us, knowing we will listen and offer viable options to help you. By hiring us as your embezzlement defense attorney, you can be assured of our dedicated attention to your case. Since an experienced attorney is crucial to getting a favorable outcome in these cases, put your trust in us, and allow us to help you resolve your situation as quickly as possible. Contact our office online or by calling 702-758-5858 today to schedule a free initial consultation.