Searching for a Felony Record Expungement Attorney In Las Vegas?

At Guymon and Hendron, we provide strong criminal defense lawyers for clients before and after conviction. If you are located in Las Vegas, Nevada and need a felony record expungement attorney, then we have a lawyer here for you. We have a proven record of success and aggressively defend the rights of all of our clients.

In Las Vegas, we use a slightly different process from expungement, called “sealing.” This means that a recorded law violation becomes sealed from the public record, and is not accessible through normal means. In the case of felonies, there is a time period that one must wait in order to petition to have a record sealed depending on the severity of the offense. In order to determine if a felony record expungement attorney is right for you, we have provided the necessary waiting periods below.

Category A Felonies; violations of NRS 200.408 (wrongful drug administration resulting in a violent crime); or violations of NRS 205.060 (burglary): The client must wait until 10 years after release from custody, parole, or probation.

Violation of NRS 422.540 to 422.570 (false claims; unauthorized forgery, inaccurate applications, reports, or invoices; violations regarding the sale, purchase, or lease of goods or services; inadequate record-keeping, or intentional destruction of records): client must wait until seven years after release from custody, or until end of suspended sentence.

Category B, C, and D Felonies (if not listed previously): The client must wait until five years after the date of their release from custody, parole, or probation.

Category E Felonies: The client must wait until two years after release from custody, parole, or probation.

It is important to note that the following felonies are not eligible for sealing:

  • A crime that is committed against a child.
  • A crime that is classified as a sexual offense.
  • Felonies in violation of NRS 484C.110 NRS and 484C.120 (driving a commercial or noncommercial motor vehicle while under the influence), and NRS 33.018 (domestic violence)
  • A felony in violation of NRS 484C.430, where death or substantial bodily harm is a result.

However, if your previous offense falls into one of the other categories listed above, and you have waited the required amount of time, a felony record expungement attorney is a lawyer you need. And who better to call than one of the top-rated criminal defense law firms in Las Vegas? You can check your eligibility to have your criminal record sealed using our online assessment.  Contact our office online or by calling 702-758-5858 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to review your situation.