Criminal Defense When Charged With a Crime in Las Vegas

Bad things happen to good people. When those things land them behind bars charged with a criminal offense, their freedom and good name are at stake. Why allow a simple mistake to destroy your life when an attorney can ensure the best outcome in the case? Although felony charges carry more serious consequences if convicted, even people facing misdemeanor charges need a Las Vegas criminal representation attorney.

Penalties for a Criminal Conviction

Individuals convicted of a misdemeanor crime face up to one year in jail, as well as fines and other potential consequences such as court-mandated rehabilitation. A felony conviction carries a penalty of over one year in prison with the potential to face life in prison, fines, and other court-ordered penalties.

A person convicted of either type of crime has a criminal record that follows them wherever they go. It can interfere with employment opportunities, relationships with family and friends, travel opportunities, and so many other areas of life. With the expertise a Las Vegas criminal representation attorney brings to the case, people charged with crimes know they’ll have a voice in court, where it matters most.

What Crime are You Charged With?

A Las Vegas criminal representation attorney defends people charged with various crimes, from simple assault to kidnapping to arson or even manslaughter. We’ll defend a person who is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Every person deserves their day in court. The best day in court is with an attorney by their side. Attorney representation during a criminal trial results in the best outcome in the case. Lawyers fight tooth and nail to prove their client’s innocence or to reduce the penalties if they’re found guilty of the crime.

Get a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney for Criminal Charges in Nevada

Never fight a criminal charge in Nevada alone. You will want to have the best Las Vegas criminal defense attorney on your side. Your life and freedom are at stake and that’s nothing you should take lightly. If you made a mistake, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will make sure the judge understands. Las Vegas Criminal Representation Attorneys defend you in court and ensure the best outcome when the case is closed. Find a great lawyer and get the best defense when you are facing a criminal charge.