Why you may need a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have some advice on getting the best representation from attorneys who handle cases specific to domestic violence. With our substantial experience in criminal law, Guymon & Hendron will optimize your individual rights. Choosing between an experienced Las Vegas domestic violence attorney who uses the right strategies to minimize trial and one whose claims say they “handle domestic violence cases” is the difference between a positive or negative outcome which can affect one’s livelihood, family or future plans.

If you’ve been arrested, The Guymon & Hendron law firm is the Las Vegas domestic violence attorney for you. We take pride in our testimonials of cases that end up dismissed or with a reduction of charges. Not only do we handle our cases with vigor, but we also care about our clients and endeavor to help them with their cases. Many times, the prosecutors and police believe their arrests are 100 percent accurate, and sometimes there is a set-up or someone is the victim of defending themselves. At Guymon & Hendron, we believe we are the strongest defense between you and a criminal arrest for domestic violence.

Putting a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney to work for you

Las Vegas Domestic violence attorneys are abundant in Las Vegas; Guymon & Hendron have five-star ratings on several review summaries, and our clients are very happy with how we handled their personal cases. Other Las Vegas domestic violence attorneys rarely gets those kinds of results. Perhaps it’s due to our prior experience as prosecutors that we have an inside scoop as to how the criminal justice system works from all angles. We know that freedoms are at risk when you’re charged with a crime, and we know how prosecutors work with law enforcement to seal the fates of those who may have mitigating circumstances, may be framed, or may be accused of battery in self-defense. In our work as a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney, we can see all angles of the case before it reaches trial. We’re proud of our record and look forward to serving a just and fair community in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you need assistance, we’re here to help. Contact our office online or call 702-758-5858 to set up a free consultation to review your case.