Couples argue all the time. The last fight with your significant other may have been especially heated and intense. However, it does not follow that you hit her. If you were arrested for domestic abuse, you must call a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer right away. Otherwise, things can get even worse for you.

Your neighbors or your partner, in a moment of passion, may have called the police. Officers have a number of options when they respond to such calls. They can help the couple resolve the dispute, they can offer a warning to one or both parties, or they can arrest one or both parties. If the officer who responded to the call to your home decided to arrest you based on dubious and anecdotal evidence that you hit your partner, you will definitely want the advice of a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer.

This is a terrible event in the history of your life, but you must remain calm and in control. You should say nothing to the authorities until your Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer arrives. You are innocent until proven guilty, and you still retain your Fifth Amendment right not to do or say anything that will incriminate you. Once your Las Vegas Domestic ViolenceLawyer arrives, they will advise you on how to answer the questions. If you are too shaken and rattled to speak to the police, your Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer can talk to them on your behalf.

It may turn out that the person who accused you of domestic abuse will drop the charges. They may acknowledge their error and the fact that they called the police on a whim. However, if things do not develop that way, if she is sticking by her accusation, then you need a tough and experienced LasVegas Domestic Violence Lawyer to handle your case.

Being convicted of assault, battery, or any other category of domestic abuse is serious. You could face time in jail, a stiff fine, and the ruin of your reputation. If you are to beat such charges and regain your freedom and your good name, you need a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer who has handled many cases like yours. They will know how to point out the shortcomings of fact and weakness of argument that are inherent in frivolous accusationsof domestic abuse.

You need a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer who is determined to stick by you until you have demonstrated your innocence and defended your name against such a malicious charge. If you or someone you knowhas been charged with Domestic Violence, contact our firm online or at 702-758-5858 to schedule a free consultation to review your case.