Many individuals who have been convicted of a crime may be seeking the services of an expungement and record sealing lawyer to help them clear their record as soon as possible. This legal process is termed as expungement or sealing, which is the sealing of the entire record of the event. Some states allow for an expungement, which is the process of erasing the conviction. Nevada only allows for the sealing of the records regarding the conviction, which is a little different. The rules for this procedure can be complicated in some instances. When the applicant has a pending legal issue it can be completely prohibited, and there is a significant waiting period for each particular conviction. Records are suppressed one conviction at a time, and a sufficient waiting period must be completed before a petition will be approved. It is important to understand how to qualify for this court order. The most effective method will always include representation from an experienced Nevada expungement and record sealing lawyer for a successful outcome.


Misdemeanors are the lowest classification of criminal convictions and are either filed as a standard charge or a gross misdemeanor. Gross misdemeanor expungements can be more difficult, but your expungement and record sealing lawyer can ensure all forms are submitted in accordance with the Nevada statutes and all pertinent information is included. Depending on the actual crime, standard misdemeanor expungements require a one-year to two-year waiting period from the date of release from actual custody or discharge from probation, whichever occurs later. A gross misdemeanor convictions require a waiting period of two years. Convictions for driving under the influence and domestic violence are in a separate category and the waiting period for expunging those records is set at seven years.


All felony records must remain in public view for at least two years regardless of the charge. Qualifying for a sealing of the record can be even more difficult and it is vital to have an expungement and record sealing lawyer when attempting to seal a felony. They are also categorized and waiting periods are as follows:

  • Class A Felonies 10 years
  • Class¬†B, C & D Felonies 5 years
  • Class E Felonies 2 years

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