The Las Vegas top criminal defense attorneys at Guymon & Hendron offer criminal defense representation to anyone charged with a crime. Our defense strategy makes a difference in the outcome of your case. When we’re on your case, expect top-notch representation that helps keep your life in order. Criminal charges can really throw a person’s life for a loop. Our lawyers aim to bring the perfect defense to the case and get results for our clients. Don’t let criminal charges get the best of you when our lawyer is around.

Beat the Charges With Our Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our competent Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys represent those in the community who’ve been charged with a crime. We take our client’s needs seriously and ensure top-notch representation, regardless of the criminal charge. Don’t assume that every Las Vegas criminal defense attorney is working in your best interest. Give us a call if you are facing criminal charges and need expert criminal defense in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Need a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney?

Anyone charged with a crime in Las Vegas needs a great defense team on their case. The expertise offered by a defense attorney gives every person the representation they need to win the case. Misdemeanor convictions can land you in jail for up to 11 months, 29 days. Felony charges have various sentencing time frames ranging from one- year to life imprisonment. Judges take into account the criminal charge, an individual’s criminal history, and, of course, the defense strategy that’s used in court to decide guilt or innocence, as well as punishment after convictions.

Criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas eliminate the worry and fear that you face when it’s time to answer criminal charges in court. Apart from potential time behind bars, a criminal conviction carries punishments which include probation, fines, life skills classes, and a tarnished record. A criminal defense lawyer keeps the trouble to a minimum and helps protect the future after one bad night causes so much turmoil.

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Schedule a free, no-obligation criminal defense consultation to learn more about your options and how a Las Vegas defense attorney can help you. Clients throughout Nevada take advantage of this free consultation opportunity when their freedom is on the line. Without an attorney, going to court is not only a scary, dreadful experience but one that may end with devastating consequences that will turn your life upside down. Schedule your free Las Vegas attorney consultation and let our caring, compassionate lawyers defend your case in court.