If You’re Facing Possession of Controlled Substance Charges In Nevada Our Legal Team Can Help

Getting charged with possession of controlled substance in Nevada can have life-changing consequences. Felony charges for illegal drugs are a regular occurrence in Nevada. Without a winning criminal defense team, the chances of getting off with a not guilty verdict are slim.

The experienced attorneys at Guymon and Hendron know how to work within the system to get you the help that you need. We understand the situation that you are in and we will help you at each step. Our job is to inform you of the legal issues that you will face like:

  • Simple possession is considered a felony
  • You may be sentenced to one to six years in state prison
  • The criminal charge carries a fine of $5000 to $20,000

Being charged with possession of controlled substance is defined as having the drug on your person. It also means that you knew the drug is illegal and that it was under your control at the time of your arrest. Our legal team can help you establish a case based on these facts of law to help gain your freedom. We have provided winning defense strategies for clients charged with possession of controlled substance for more than 10 years. Our track record of not guilty verdicts speaks for itself.

If you are a first time offender and you are convicted, we may be able to get you probation and even enter a drug court program to get the charges dropped. If this isn’t the first time you’ve been found in possession of controlled substance, it’s imperative that you hire a law firm like us who is confident in the courtroom. Repeat offenders can be sentenced to up to six years and a fine up to $20,000. It’s our job to keep you from getting any convictions and to help you get your life back.

Let us help you get out of a tough situation from being charged with possession of controlled substance in Nevada and give you the confidence to face the court charges. Our legal team will gather evidence to help your case, find witnesses, and ensure that all of the legal processes were followed correctly. Contact us online or by calling 702-758-5858 so that we can review your case and answer all your questions.