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sealing criminal records

Las Vegas Expungement and Record Sealing Lawyer

Criminal records are destructive documents that can follow you around for a lifetime if you ignore them. While Nevada does not expunge records, the records can be sealed under certain circumstances. The process of sealing criminal records may be beneficial to you if:

  • You have changed your life
  • You want to apply for a new job
  • You want to move to a new home or apartment.
  • You have found your information on the internet

The following is some helpful information about sealing criminal records in Nevada.

Can You Have Your Records Sealed?

It is possible that a Vegas criminal defense attorney can participate in sealing criminal records for you. Some people refer to the process as expungement instead of its proper term of record sealing, but the process can benefit you greatly. Once the court seals your records, you will no longer have to answer “yes” to any questions regarding your criminal history when you apply for an apartment or a new job. The courts will seal your records so that no one will have access to them any longer.

Which Records Can You Seal?

You can seal a variety of criminal records that you may have accumulated in the past. Both misdemeanor crimes and felony crimes are eligible for being sealed. Arrests are eligible for sealing criminal records, as well.

How Long Does It Take to Have Records Sealed?

The general amount of time it takes for sealing criminal records is three to four months. However, the time could be much shorter if you use a reputable criminal defense attorney to help you go through the process.

What Is the Process of Sealing Records?

The first thing you have to do to complete the process of sealing criminal records is to wait until the waiting period passes. Each crime has a different waiting period that will have to pass before you can apply for a sealing. For example, you have to wait 10 years after your conviction if you have a category A or B felony. Lesser felonies only have a two to five year waiting period. You may only have to wait two years for a misdemeanor, and some arrests have no waiting period at all. Once the time has passed, an attorney can help you accelerate the process of removing those records from the public eye.

Guymon & Hedron can help ease you through the process of sealing criminal records in Nevada. You can contact our office online or call 702-758-5858 for a free consultation and have someone evaluate your situation to see if it’s possible to clear your history and clean up your reputation.

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