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After an arrest, prepare for the fight of your life. Defending yourself in a court of law against the criminal charges bestowed upon you makes a difference in life as you know it. Without an attorney, a guilty charge for the crime could land you in jail or prison, cause excessive fines, probation, and a slew of additional consequences. A tarnished name is yet another potential consequence of a criminal conviction if you appear in court without our top Las Vegas criminal lawyers on the case.

Call our team of top Las Vegas criminal lawyers before you go to court and get results in the case. We are legal experts dedicated to defending our clients. We understand the risks that come with a criminal charge, as well as the worry that you experience. Going to jail or prison is a scary thought, just as it’s scary to leave your family and loved ones. We offer a proactive approach to your case. We take the time to defend you in a manner that reveals the facts and details of the case. Our clients are convicted of crimes less often than people who go to court without lawyers or clients who hire other lawyers.

Our top Las Vegas criminal lawyers offer a proactive approach to winning your case. We gather all of the evidence and prepare a defense that gets results. We’re not afraid to bring our aggressive fighting style to the courtroom if that is what it takes to get justice for our clients. We get only one shot in court to win your case. When we walk inside the courtroom, we go in well-prepared to win your case.

We strive to get a dismissal in your case but when that isn’t possible, we work to minimize the conviction and the included consequences. Every crime has a story behind it. Sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry as they seem from the outside looking in. With our team of top Las Vegas criminal lawyers, the truth of the matter comes to light and you walk out of the courtroom without the same burdens you walked inside with.

Hiring Top Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers

Guymon & Hendron have won more cases in Southern Nevada than any other law firm. So much is on the line when you are charged with a crime and facing time in jail or prison. We understand the worry, the fear and the angst that fills your mind at this time. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts and learn how we can take away your worries and win your case.