A DUI charge in Las Vegas is a serious criminal situation for anyone. Even a first offense can produce a long-term problem under certain circumstances such as involvement in an accident resulting in personal injuries. Prosecutors are very determined with all impaired driving charges, and there are no guarantees the court will only want to impose the minimum penalties. State officers also have significant latitude when processing the case, and the best possibility for a successful outcome is always retaining a top Las Vegas DUI attorney like the criminal defense professionals at Guymon & Hendron for aggressive and experienced representation.

Why You Should Choose a Top Las Vegas DUI Attorney

Individuals who go before the court on any DUI charge are required to have legal representation by law. If you cannot afford an attorney, the state will then assign one to represent you in your case. This rarely bodes well for the defendant, as the priorities of the assigned legal counselor could be compromised if they only handle cases as a public defender. A top Las Vegas DUI attorney will go the necessary distance for their client and inspect all articles of evidence being used in the case. Borderline evidence can often be suppressed when it does not meet the standard for admission. In addition, impaired driving cases do not always include alcohol, and there could be extenuating or mitigating circumstances in any case. Complicated cases require a diligent defense.

Case Negotiations

Many criminal cases are settled through negotiations between defendant attorneys and the prosecutor’s office, and the material facts of a case matter greatly. Prosecutors are limited in reducing penalties when charges are valid, but they can also be amended when a top Las Vegas DUI attorney crafts a defense pinpointing all possible reasonable doubt, including faulty measurement equipment. Non-alcohol DUI cases can also be a matter of judgment with no evidence beyond officer testimony. And, very few officers are truly concerned about the rights of a driver who they think is impaired. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can use borderline claims in crafting a settlement that avoids a trial.

Contact a Top Las Vegas DUI Attorney

Never plead guilty to a DUI without first consulting with an experienced DUI lawyer. Your case may not be as solid as it seems. Las Vegas residents who are charged with DUI should contact Guymon & Hendron for a full case evaluation and comprehensive representation.