Being arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas is a serious matter. A DUI is a criminal offense that can have negative implications in your life. As daunting as it may seem, you do have options when dealing with a DUI charge. If you retain one of the top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas you may have a shot at getting your charge reduced, receiving an alternate sentence or possibly getting the case dismissed.

Nevada’s DUI Laws

Nevada’s DUI laws apply to drivers operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance. Those driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher can be arrested and charged with a DUI. For commercial drivers, the limit is only .04%. Younger drivers under the age of 21 can be arrested if they have at least .02% of alcohol in their system.

The top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas can help determine whether there is a defense based on BAC issues. It is not uncommon for errors to occur in the blood testing process. Top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas may challenge blood results by asserting a rising blood alcohol, blood fermentation or improper blood draw defense.

DUI Penalties

Those found guilty of a DUI offense face strict penalties. First-time offenders may be sent to jail for a maximum of six months. Alternatively, the judge may issue a sentence requiring the completion of 96 hours of community-based service. A convicted person will also have to attend DUI classes and pay a fine up to $1,000. As if that wasn’t enough he or she will also have to undergo a license suspension for three months. The top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas can help first-time offenders receive a fair sentence in light of their clean criminal history.

When you get a second DUI within seven years the penalties become harsher. Defendants can get sentenced to jail for at least ten days and a maximum of six months. The court also has the power to assign up to 200 hours of community service. Finally, the DMV can impose a license suspension for a year and disallow future vehicle registrations. However, you shouldn’t have to do the time if you are not guilty of the crime. Contact the top Nevada DUI Lawyers of Las Vegas for a detailed case evaluation.

Three or More DUIs in Seven Years

The sentences only get worse for those who have additional violations within a seven-year period. The courts take these DUI cases very seriously. Those who have multiple DUI charges need to consult with the top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas for help. Just because you have prior charges doesn’t mean that you are guilty of the present one. As the top Nevada DUI lawyers of Las Vegas, we’ll make sure you get fair treatment before the court. You don’t have to let your past ruin your future!

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