When you need the services of a Traffic Violations Attorney

We understand that unfortunate situations take place that can result in criminal charges. Often times, these instances can make daily life difficult for those who have received such criminal charges, specifically being unable to drive for personal needs. While this can be difficult to deal with, the attorneys at Guymon & Hendron can help protect your rights and help to restore your record. As top rated Las Vegas Traffic Violations Attorneys, we can carefully review your case and plan the best course of action.

Nevada Traffic Laws

One of the many reasons people suffer traffic infringements and seek the help of a traffic violations attorney is their unfamiliarity with the traffic laws. There are a large number of traffic laws, and it is unreasonable to expect everyone to know all of them. However, it is important to know the basic laws, especially those that are often the cause of traffic violations. A few examples of Nevada traffic laws include:

  • Cell Phone Use:
    • It is illegal to text, use the internet, or operate any hand-held feature on a cell phone while driving. If caught using a cell phone, hefty fines and other penalties await the driver. As a rule of caution, it is best to end all non-emergency communication while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Speeding:
    • By law, the posted speed limits must be followed. There is also a basic rule that states that the flow of traffic must be followed, even if it’s slower than the speed limit. Driving over these speeds can result in a ticket and/or fine depending on the traffic situation at the time.
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI).
    • This is a commonly broken law that often requires a traffic violations attorney and, depending on the offense, can come with criminal penalties. Any driver with a blood alcohol level or a detection of any controlled substance over .08 percent faces revocation of license, fines, arrest, and having the vehicle impounded. In some instances, a court will add criminal penalties as well.

How Can a Traffic Violations Attorney Help?

In the event that you receive a traffic violation, especially with underlying criminal offenses, it is best to contact a traffic violations attorney so that they can limit or even eliminate your penalties. You will need representation from someone who is well-versed in this area of law. Contact the attorneys at Guymon and Hendron online or by calling 702-758-5858 for a free initial consultation today.