The definition of embezzlement is when a person steals money from another person, a business partner or someone else under false pretenses. Individuals who embezzle often do so by some sort of deceit or trickery. In most cases, the individual who commits embezzlement has gained the trust of the individual who they victimize.
Any individual who is accused of embezzlement should contact an attorney for help. Embezzlement is a serious charge and a conviction can net jail time and fines. This is something that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Call on an experienced attorney to help preserve your rights.

Types of embezzlement

There are a few ways a person can embezzle. The most frequent manners include:

Embezzling money on the job – This happens when an employee misappropriates funds for their own personal gain. It can happen in a number of way such as:

  • Taking money from the cash register
  • Depositing checks into a personal account
  • Padding expense accounts
  • Overcharging for a product then pocketing the difference
  • Moving money from a customer’s account into a personal account
  • Record tampering

Embezzling trust properties

This is when a person mishandles property that has been entrusted to them. It happens as a result of:

  • Cooking the books to hide fund misappropriation
  • Using the client lawsuit to pay for personal expenses
  • Borrowing money from a civic organization or bank
  • Misappropriating a child or relative’s social security check
  • Stealing as a result of a Ponzi scheme
  • Stealing as a result of a credit card kiting scheme

If you are accused of embezzlement, you will need to seek out the counsel of an experienced attorney as quickly as possible. You will need someone who can offer the most vigorous representation to get the best possible outcome.

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