Who Can See Expunged Criminal Records in Nevada?

Are you wondering how to get your criminal record expunged? Are you curious as to who can still see expunged criminal records in Nevada? If you live in the state of Nevada and have been arrested or convicted in the past on criminal charges, you may be wondering about how to get your records sealed. The first thing you need to know is that the state of Nevada does not provide for expungement of criminal records.

However, it is possible to get them sealed. The reasons to apply for sealing of your criminal records are fairly obvious. You will have a hard time getting a job or applying for a loan for a new home or car if you have criminal charges that show up on your record.

Likewise, you may find it difficult to leave the city or state if these charges continue to show up on your record. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to go to the court to have your criminal records officially sealed. Depending on the severity of your conviction, it will take a shorter or longer process — anywhere from 2 to 10 years — to get them completely sealed from public view.

Who Can See Expunged Criminal Records in Nevada?

The question of who can see expunged criminal records in Nevada is a quick and easy one to answer. The sealed record can be seen under the following circumstances:

  • If the person is later arrested, the prosecutor can re-open the sealed record.
  • The prosecutor or another criminal defendant can request that the court re-open the record so they can see information about other people who may have been involved in the offense.
  • The person can request that their own sealed record be re-opened.
  • Certain other agencies, such as the Nevada Gaming Board, can see sealed records for certain restricted purposes, such as to determine if an applicant is eligible to hold a gaming license.

It is good to remember that if you are later indicted for another offense, the question of who can see expunged criminal records in Nevada becomes quite important. At this point, your prior criminal records can be unsealed and used against you. This will be particularly true if the new offense you have been indicted for is similar to or more serious than your past offenses.

Though the question of who can see expunged criminal records in the state of Nevada has a variety of answers, the most important thing it largely depends on is your ability to avoid future criminal behavior. If you can stay out of trouble, you won’t need to worry about your sealed records becoming an obstacle to you going forward.

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