Does the glitz and glam of Las Vegas draw you in like moth to fire? Some people are so keen about gambling their money away leaving no mind for tomorrow. At times, they get so caught up in the moment that they no longer keep a straight mind on the consequences of their actions. Such is true when one writes bad checks when gambling their money away while in Las Vegas. Though the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is quite popular, such cannot be expected when one does not heed the stipulations of a casino marker. When facing a serious charge, such as writing bad checks, having an experienced casino marker attorney in Las Vegas on your side is imperative.


Serious Consequences

An individual who fails to live up to the agreed casino marker or accused of writing a bad check when repaying the marker or loan with a casino can face serious consequences. These range from being penalized with a fine or being charged with felony charges indicating jail time. Some may be charged with a misdemeanor at first but it can be changed into more serious charge when not addressed adequately. Nevada, being a haven for casinos, is quite renowned for its harsh sentences and forceful prosecution. Proceeding without a reliable criminal attorney Las Vegas expert can be perilous.


Adequate Knowledge

The counsel of a casino marker lawyer will help you understand the pitfalls of writing bad checks to repay your loan. There are many reasons why you may have done so and your lawyer can help you find a way to ensure that the stipulations will be met. They will also assist in negotiating with the prosecution on how to address the problem without having to put their client neck-deep into the situation. He can negotiate for a lighter sentence should the conviction be steered to jail time. You may be innocent and to prove your case, you will need a casino marker attorney’s expertise and knowledge in fighting for what is just and right.


Gravity of a Crime

It is one thing for you to have insufficient funds to make up for your marker in a casino but, when you write a check with insufficient or zero funds, that’s when it becomes a grave offense. It is not just some bad debt you owe someone, as it is legally binding. Some casinos give their loyal patrons a certain leeway but some can aggressively pursue for payment and may even request for your arrest should the stipulated agreement not be met.


When thinking of hiring a criminal lawyer to defend you in a case of writing a bad check or in a casino marker gone unpaid it is essential to check their expertise. These attorneys, though adept in fighting various criminal laws, have certain specializations. Some casino marker attorney Las Vegas practitioners are also great in handling this type of case. Do make sure to research on your choice’s track record to know the difference.


About Gary L. Guymon

Gary L. Guymon is an expert Las Vegas criminal defense attorney handling various specializations ranging from petty larceny to casino fraud, domestic violence and so on. He is also a known experienced casino marker attorney in the State of Nevada with extensive winning cases under his belt. Apart from that, he has earned the distinguished title of having the most Not Guilty jury verdicts in Southern Nevada.